How to provide today’s physicians with tools for tomorrow’s telemedicine?

The practice of telemedicine is expanding. While the clinical practice has been carefully taught for centuries, medical schools have not provided today’s physicians with the necessary tools for telemedicine. Telemedicine is a medical profession. While technical issues are part of the field, these have been addressed by the various platforms available. In contrast, medical training in this field has been neglected. Telemedicine should be taught in the same way that all medical techniques and specialties are taught – by doctors to doctors (often termed: learn one, do one, teach one). This can and should be addressed in traditional practical (“hands-on”) teaching and telementoring. Educational coaching can and should be addressed in the same traditional way. Tele-education enables us to provide telemedical personalized coaching online (“over the shoulder mentoring”).

What are the main issues that each sector of healthcare is struggling with?


Physicians- Where to begin a telemedicine practice?

What is the setting?- Institution? Private?
What is the best subpopulation to begin with? -Geographical area? Subspecialty? Patients follow-up only?
What are the medical objectives? Is there a need inclusion-exclusion criteria?
How to set the goals and how to check goal attainment?

Medical administrators- How to start to integrate telemedicine services?

Where to begin? -Specific fields or doctors? Mandatory versus voluntary
How do you encourage doctors to incorporate telemedicine?
What is important when choosing a platform?
What are the critical futures and quality assurance

Medical schools- How to include telemedicine in the curriculum?

What are the main topics to be addressed?
 What are the key abilities needed for delivering telemedicine?
What is the professional level needed?
Incorporated in medical school or CME?

We can help you start telemedicine services according to your needs. With telementoring, we can train, coach and teach at your place at your time!