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Tele-Health Tele-mentoring

Telemedicine is expanding. Learn to tele your clinical skills.

Yesterday’s physicians were not trained to provide online medicine.

Futuristics claim that computers will replace physicians… well not yet.

Today professionals can learn to leverage clinical skills for online practice.

While the clinical practice has been carefully taught for centuries medical schools did not provide today’s physicians with the tools for telemedicine practice. Telemedicine is a medical profession. Of course, technical issues are part of the field but these have been properly addressed by various available platforms. However, medical training in this field has been relatively neglected. Telemedicine should be taught as in any medical practice from doctors to doctors. (often phrased as: learn one, do one, teach one). This can and should be addressed in the traditional way of practical (“hands-on”) teaching and mentoring. Educational coaching can and should be addressed in the same traditional way. Tele-education enables us to provide telemedical personalized coaching online (“over the shoulder mentoring”).

Can we help you today for tomorrow?